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shock description

Shock Treatment

Half Price Hofzinser A selected card is found in a surprising and Hozinserish manner, in the spectator's hands!Coincidence My *@*! A double coincidence effect using a freely shuffled pack.Pushthru Eliminator A chosen card is discovered in a visual twist on the eliminator plot.The Move An ace cutting display, was originally in Profile magazine.Softmint A convincing looking cigarette through coin with an easy to make up gimmick.Flash Pass A utility move, easier to execute than the classic pass, can be used as a visual transformation or an invisible control.Bye Bye Baby A rapid transposition of two cards using the Flash Pass.Card To Any Number A card is transposed from the top of the pack to a position named by he spectator. Very quickly!Them Or Us A rapid transposition of two packets of cards.Four From Nothing You'll fool yourself with this rapid production of four coins.Cardiograph More of a gag really, used to find a selected card.Shock Treatment A vanishing deck routine. often imitated!!!!

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