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lecture desc

This was made up for the first London lecture and has a handy utility sponge ball move, The Ball Beneath is great for when you don't have a table to use in performance and can be used as a mock explaination of how the sponge ball trick works, and leave them even more bewildered!The Inflateable Spnge Illusion is an alternative method for Goshman's Growing Sponge, the illusion here is very believable and is perfect for walk around.The Blindfold Sucker Dice Stack kind of speaks for itself doesn't it.Easy Fan Force Setup.......A method for setting up the Vernon Fan Force at the correct psychological moment annd so easy.Braue Reversal Triumph ......An easy method for Vernon's classic Triumph effect using erm.,...The Braue Reversal!The minimally gimmicked Barely Naked allows an almost impromptu Nudist Deck routine to be performed as an opening effect and you can continue to use the same deck for the rest of your show!Syphon is more of a gag using a borrowed lighter where you apparently steal a quantity of gas from the spectator.Knocking On Heaven’s Door - An easy to do, but skillful looking story trick with an unexpected climax, you’ll catch magicians with this one!Probably the most technically demanding trick in the booklet but not that difficult really, demanding only ‘non-perfect’ faro shuffles, cards are gradually eliminated to find the selection - with a sucker ending, that’s Pushthrough Eliminator.Cigarette Pull is a visual stunner but so easy to perform, if you can find an ashtray anywhere these days!Tarot Tomfoolery - 2 readings, 2 gags and 2 magical effects.The McClements Cut - a triple cut, developed from Victor’s E.Y.E. Count with a convincer thrown in.

A Lecture By Jackie McClements

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